CBD Oil and Sleep: Your guide to Getting a good night’s rest for a better mental health

Do you toss and turn at night, unable to get to sleep? Or, perhaps you wake up in the middle of the night and then find yourself incapable of dozing off again. Well, if you are familiar with either of these situations, then you may be desperate for a solution. Fortunately for you, this so happens to be CBD oil. Less sleep can cause more mental problems. CBD is also by some believed to heal mental disorders such as anxiety, depression post traumatic stress and in our own case cannabis caused psychosis can be removed by CBD oil.

Of course, it isn’t quite as clear-cut as that. As you are probably aware, CBD oil has a lot of remedial properties. So, making sure that you end up with the curative effects that you want isn’t always as easy as it might seem. Well, luckily, the following article has all of the information that you will need.

Here you will find out how CBD oil can help with sleep and what you can do to improve your chances of sleeping well every night.

The Connection Between Sleep and CBD Oil
As you can imagine, it isn’t enough to merely claim that CBD oil can help you to get adequate shut-eye at night. You need evidence to back this statement up. In this section, you will be able to get a close look at the effect that CBD oil has on certain elements of your system. In turn, you can have a better understanding of how CBD oil can promote healthier sleeping habits.

CBD Oil and the Endocannabinoid System
First, let’s tackle how CBD oil actually interacts with your system and produces the effects that will make sleeping easier. For this, you will need to be introduced to a new term: Endocannabinoid System or ECS. This is a network that contains receptors that solely interact with cannabinoids, like the ones found in CBD oil.

The first group of CBD receptors known as CB1 is located in the brain and the central nervous system. When CBD interacts with these receptors, it can have an impact on your stress response, pain perception, memory, and motor control. The CB2 receptors, on the other hand, can be found in various other organs. Therefore, when activated, these can manage issues linked to the cardiovascular system, muscles, immunity.

The Alleviation of Anxiety and Stress
Now that you are aware of the physical impact of CBD on the human body, let’s see how this can be linked to sleep. To do this, though, you have to tackle this question first. That is, what is the main cause of sleep issues? Interestingly enough, a majority of sleep problems, sleep disorders included, are due to stress and anxiety. These factors can cause your body to be on high alert. And, when you are tossing and turning or have racing thoughts, it can be nearly impossible for you to fall asleep.


This is where the CBD oil and the CB1 receptors come in. Once you consume CBD oil, the resulting CBD agonists interact with the CB1 receptors. The resulting process causes an effect similar to that of anti-depressants. Therefore, there is a considerable reduction in anxiety. That isn’t the only effect of CBD oil on your body, however. As mentioned, stress can also wreak havoc on your sleep. What CBD does is to help your body improve its stress response. So, although you may still continue to deal with stressful conditions, your body will be better equipped to handle it. This will greatly reduce the negative impact that stress will have on your body. So, as you can see, CBD oil doesn’t actually cause you to fall asleep. Rather, it ensures that your body is able to calm itself enough to allow your natural sleep mechanisms to kick in. Therefore, you can guarantee that all sleep-related results from CBD oil are completely organic. The next logical query, now, is how do all of this combined effects help you to sleep? Well, since you will no longer be plagued by the symptoms of anxiety or stress, you will be able to fall asleep much quicker. Shortly after taking CBD oil, you will be able to ease yourself into blissful sleep.

On a similar note, you will also find that you are much less likely to suffer from broken sleep as well. Rather, you will be able to sleep through the night, as long as you are undisturbed. Even if you do wake up in the middle of the night, the effects of CBD oil will allow you to go back to sleep once again without too much hassle.
Benefits of CBD Oil Over Other Remedies As you may be aware, there are quite a few sleep remedies available on the market. These range from natural supplements like melatonin to prescription sleeping medication. Consequently, it is only normal to wonder what kind of advantage CBD oil has over these other treatments.

Well, as mentioned, CBD oil doesn’t actually cause you to fall asleep. Rather, it creates an internal environment that makes it easier for your body’s natural processes to take over. Due to this, there are no adverse effects like drowsiness or sleepiness during the day. Rather, if you take CBD oil, it helps you sleep properly and you will feel refreshed the next day. You don’t have to worry about a foggy brain or impaired motor function at all. In this sense, it is superior to many of the other treatments. Did you know your animal(s) might suffer with anxiety and that CBD oil can maybe help them? Click here to read more.

Can CBD Oil Work for You?
The above information may have you wondering whether CBD oil is something you can turn to when you can’t sleep. While this oil has helped a number of users improve their sleeping patterns, it is important to realize that there is no guarantee. Understand, CBD oil has a very different impact on each person.

Some people may find that taking a specific dose of CBD oil can ease their anxiety and make it easier to fall asleep. Others, though, may discover that the CBD oil actually energizes them. In the latter instance, of course, CBD oil will not be of much use to you.

Then there is the fact that CBD oil typically addresses sleep issues related to stress and anxiety. Thus, if your sleep problems have a different cause, there is a chance that CBD oil may not be able to resolve this issue for you.

How to Take CBD Oil for Sleep
The next step of the process is to determine how to consume CBD oil so that you can improve your sleep as quickly as possible. The guidelines below will provide you with all that you need.

Which Method Is Best?
When it comes to taking CBD oil tinctures, you have three options – sublingual, spray, and capsules. You may also find gummies, teas, and even chocolates with CBD. However, this means that these foods contain cannabinoids but not necessarily CBD oil.
As the name suggests, with sublingual you simply place an appropriate dose under the tongue. It is due to this delivery method that you can expect the effects of the oil to take hold after 20 to 40 minutes. One of the perks of this option is that it is relatively easy to measure out your dose.

Then, there is the spray which has been designed to take effect rather quickly, so you should feel the effects within 20 minutes. It should be noted, though, that it can be fairly tricky to determine the dose through this method.

Now, with both the sublingual and spray, you will be able to taste the CBD flavor. Most people don’t like this taste and so, can find it rather difficult to consume CBD oil in this manner. If this is something you experience, then the capsules will work well for you.

Here, the CBD oil is concealed within a capsule which makes it relatively simple to take only just as much as you need. And, as noted, there is no aftertaste to deal with. The only downside, though, is that this method can often take longer to take effect. If you do opt for this route, make sure to take it at least an hour or earlier before going to bed.

What Dose Will Work for You?
This is one of the trickier questions to answer, largely due to the fact that CBD oil can have so many varied effects on people. Therefore, if you don’t end up getting the right dose, the oil could end up having the opposite effect of what you hoped for. After all, some people take it to increase their energy levels. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, make certain that you don’t take a higher dose than absolutely necessary. Take too much and you could find yourself all geared up and unable to sleep.

This is why you should always start at the lowest possible dosage. It is a particularly good idea to do so if you haven’t already tried CBD oil and are unaware of its impact on you. So, to begin with, take between 10mg and 15mg of the oil and monitor how you feel. If there is no impact, slowly increase the dosage you take.

Why we all should use CBD

The use of CBD has been legalized in many countries because of its medical positive effects. It is though stated that CBD oil only is to use for medication purposes and not for daily consumption. Research have showed that CBD oil has big influence in how the bodily organs work. We are all aware of that cannabinoids are naturlig produced in the body, as well that they are important to keep up the homeostasis. These are reasons why experts advices us to take CBD oil regulary. Here are some good effects of taking CBD oil everyday:

Reduces anxiety

Many of us struggle with anxiety and this condition can lead to worse mental disorders. It has showed that most young people who have anxiety is so cause of work, study or relation problems. CBD oil can in such cases help to reduce some of the anxiety.

Heals chronical pain

One of the biggest effects of taking the oil is that it can cure pain. There are some certain chemicals in the hemp oil that can bind themselves to the pain receptors in the body and calm them. It has shown that many patients who suffer from chronic pains, find release from them after taking the CBD oil. Here are some different conditions the CBD oil can have positive effects with:

Pain in the lower back
Chronic pain

Reduces bacteria growth

Research has shown that CBD oil can decrease bacteria growth. There are several dangerous bacterias that attack the body and causes an unbalance in the body. By using it this can be put under control.

Improves memory and concentration

In many years people have associated CBD with the pscyhotic effects that comes when "high". It has showed that the main reason for beeng under the influence is the high concentration of THC. CBD oil that comes from the hemp plant has non THC in it. One doesnt thereby need to worry about side effects like:

Psychoactive effects

Controls the blood pressure
It is shown that the oil controls the blood sugar levels. It can also have a good effect on people suffering from diabetes.