What is an ADHD disorder?

First school established was in 1605. ADHD was first recognized as a disorder in 1902. A British doctor, Dr. Still was the one who made the diagnose.

ADHD is a definition of multiple conditions. Here are the signs you should look for: Three most known symptoms: Bodily uncomfort. Concentration problems. Impulsitivity.

These symptoms must show before the age of 6 and must be present in the persons life, like home, in free time, in school and such) The condition is called often ADD when the bodily discomfort lacks. Behaviour problems as well are present. About half of the person who have ADHD have behaviour problems. Those problems can be like refusing to obey different rules and/or are mad. Some can have severe anger attacks.

Other problems:
Persons with ADHD have also often other problems or delayed language development, learning disabilities and they can motorically be slow. Some struggle with difficult emotions like anxiety and sadness and some have as well other pscychological disorders. ADHD exists on persons who are both highly intelligent and not.
Strong sides: Persons with ADHD are often very good at starting projects. The high activity level makes them do many things. Often they can do things that others have never seen done before. Many come in contact with others easy. Amongst the greatest scientists and other known people there are persons with ADHD.

How does life turn out for them?

Many manage to succeed in life and learn good strategies to plan their lifes. But, ADHD can be a difficult condition to live with, both for ones self and family and can lead to serious complications. Humans with ADHD are more than others likely to experience negative experiences like emotional problems and school difficulties. In serious cases this can lead to substance abuse and crime. Big investigations have shown that getting good help, often with small efforts, one can change this easily.It is important for the person suffering from ADHD disorder to get help quick. One assumes that half of those suffering with this disease will come out of it, the discomfort, concentration problems and impulsive actions. For some crime, emotional problems and substance abuse follows them all their lifes. It is not so easy to separate those who have ADHD and those who are normal but have a bit high activity level or lower concentration than others. It is when the problems occure in day life, like school and family that decides whether one will get the diagnose ADHD.

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Reasons for ADHD.
When a child has ADHD one can often find family members who have similar problems. ADHD occures more frequently in children who are born too early or have low birth weight. It can also be connected to poison or intoxifications in pregnancy.

Infant and small children. (0-6 years)
When one talks to parents of children with ADHD one often receives worries starting off when their child(ren) were infants. The child had maybe problems sleeping or they had problems feeding it. Some worry about development of language and movement. Sometimes bodily discomfort started early in ones first year.



After the children become older one kan often hear from parents that these worries have increased or changed. Whilest other children are interested in playing with their small friends their child might have gotten angry and used violence, it find its own ways, like playing alone, destroyed the games of others or developed an increased bodily discomfort. Many of such children have often rage attacks that can last for hours. In the kidneygardens these problems are talked about to their parents.

Schoolchildren (7-12 years).
In school there are more demands of order and concentration. Worries will now mostly come cause of the discomfort. It is difficult to sit still and listen to ones teacher. The child doesnt hear what the teacher is saying, the other children ignore him because he just "destroys their games".

Teens (13-18 years)
With teenagers the situation will vary from person to person. The picture gets more difficult to see. Some problems one grows away from. Some will come out of the problems in this age. Others will keep them and will grow into emotional problems and behaviour problems that will dominate this picture.The bodily discomfort is not so obvious no more, at least not from the outside. Some need to do something all the time to get relief from the discomfort. Many struggle with difficulties that they now start to put words on. They blame either themselves or others for their problems. School performance can be low. Support from family and friends, together with good skills and confidence will help persons suffering from ADHD disorder later in life.