What is a bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder illness.

Whilest schizophrenia in simpel turns can be described as interruption of how a person thinks bipolar disorder kan be called an interruption of how a person feels. This is a usual disease. It affects one out of 100 at a point of ones lifetime and about twice as many women than men. During present time it is as many as 1/3 persons with active symptoms of bipolar disease as with schizophrenia. One of the reasons is that medication easier controls the symptoms of bipolar, so the chances of getting better is a lot better. Whilest the psychotic episodes are negative and as well binding many with bipolar disorder will work well during the episodes.
Bipolar effective disorder:

Bipolar effective disorder is when the sick have two or more episodes where the emotional and activity level is seriously disturbed. It can be a uplifted emotional state or a depressed state, or changes between those. Recurring episodes of hypomania or mania is clasified as bipolar disorder. There was once one who was manic bipolar who always had to do something as he couldnt find relax state. Even though he suffered and knew of problems that were severe, he felt he had to be active to not suffer.

Below we have som more clasifications of bipolar disorder, such as:
* Bipolar effective disorder with actual episode of hypomania.
* or mania without psychotic episodes
* or mania with psychotic episodes
* or it can be tied to depression and is then called: Bipolar effective disorder, actual episode, mild or moderate depresjon
* or actual episode with serious depression without psychotic symptoms
* or actual episode with serious depression with psychotic symptoms
* or actual episode mixed, that will say patients who earlier have had an episode, hypomania, mania or mixed and have no fast changes between mania and depressive symptoms, or bipolar disorder in remision, that will say that have had the diagnose before and have no symptoms of effective disorder and neither had it in months.


Some have a variety of different episodes whilest others have series of depressive episodes whilest others again will have all sorts of combinations. The manic episode is a desperate try to keep the sadness away. Who hasn't tried to force away negative thoughts by doing something else, like buying something? Persons experience strong changes in emotions, either very high up or very low. Illusions or hallucinations might occure. Those will act according to if a person is high or low.

Bipolar, manic depression is a disease, many patients have a false happiness and a severe depression, cause of those two emotions, happy and sad becomes very up and down and causes patients to do fast actions without too much consider. Bipolar and psychosis are similar diseases though bipolar is less severe than psychosis.

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Symptoms of mania can be:
Feeling irritated or excited.
Talk very fast.
Have many ideas to accomplish.
Sometimes one feels one can't keep up with ones thoughts.
Having less sleeping need.
Be more active.
Drive irresponsible
Be very sexually active and uncritical.
Use huge and unrealistic amounts of money.

By symptoms of depression one can:
Feel down, nervous and with anxiety.
Need to cry a lot without any special reason.
Loose interest for things that usually makes one happy.
Sleep bad, often wake up early in the morning.
Having problems concentrating on simpel tasks.
Either go up or down in weight, have increased or decreased appetite.
Move slow or talk slow.
Think seriously of suicide, feel worthless.
Be sure of beeng suffering from a terrible disease.
Complain that there are a lot of physical diseases with ones body.

Humans who have cycles of sadness accompanied with highs have the typical symptoms of a bipolar disorder. That will mean they have symptoms on emotions. Some people have a numberous of manic episodes, others many depressive episodes whilest others have all possible combinations.

Manic episode:
This diagnose must only be used for a one time episode. One slipts up in mainly 3 groups:

Hypomania is defined by having an increased energy and activity. Less need for sleep. One feels good, often creative, finishes many tasks. Often one is more active in talking than usual, increased sexual energy. Sometimes it can go over to irritability but there are no hallucinations or illusions.


Mania without psychotic symptoms:
The sick changes the way of beeng, is more excited than usual, less critical when it comes to his own behaviour, that one feels regret for later. Sleeping need is less and the sick is easily distracted, cant hold one subject of theme during a conversation. Overactivity and lack of sleep wears out the patient.

Mania with psychotic symptoms:
The sick have the symptoms named above but as well have great thoughts of himself, hallucinations, often thoughts that talk to the sick. Often the thoughts are strange so that others around the sick does not know what he or she means, making usual conversations impossible.