What is a depression disorder?

Depression disorder illness.

An unemployed man can wake up one day with lack of sef confidence and say: "Today I feel depressed." A woman in her midst 40s griefs: "It's so empty in my house.I have been depressed since my children moved away." A girlwhispers to her friend on the street: "Look at him walking with his head downwards and just dragshimself forward. He looks depressed." A waitress in a wearhouse says: "Anna talks so short conversations to her customers and she takes longer brakes than before. Has she becomedepressed?" The word depression is used from a feeling of sadness or lack of interests and an active lfiestyle. Such emotional states is also the central definition of the psychological disorder known as "depression".

* Depression is used in daily conversations about a short and passed emotion of sadness.Depression in health care is about a psychological disorder where a couple of the symptoms of depressions has been going on at least 2 weeks and has resulted in lack of ability to perform duties such as work or education, socially or in the family affairs.
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Depression is similar to psychosis, but less severe. It is found in many people in the world. Depression can lead to inactivity and thereby loss of education and or work. Cause of this depression is severe.

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Symptoms of depression.
What is the most known thing in a depression is different from persons to persons. Some may feel in the beginning more unhappy, whilest others feel lack of the ability to perform duties or interests. Some feel that their sexual energy is gone or that they have problems sleeping. Still though we find about 10 of the symptoms of depression described below from those who have depressive disorder even though it varies.

* Bodily with difficulty sleeping, low appetite, movement and sexuality.
* Emotionally with sadness, lower selfesteem, guiltiness and anxiety.
* Negaitve thoughts, negative conceptions of ones self, the world around one and the future.
* Withdrawing from social relations, feeling of helplesness and addiction.

The three first symptoms, (sadness, loss of interests and joy, loss of energy and increased tiredness) are considered to be the most known symptoms and at least two of them must be present for to be given the diagnose depressive disorder.

* Feeling of sadness - is almost always present. One looks black on everything, feels unhappy and the mind is filled with negative thoughts. Often we can see it on others that they have a sad expression in their faces and eyes. Read more about pharmacy in general here.

* Loss of interests and pleasures - is also central. The depressed looses interests for hobbies and daily pleasures. The favourite show on TV does not give joy no more, the visit from ones family becomes difficult, one stops playing lotteries or going to the gym or other activities. "The desire to live is gone", is what many suffering from depression say. The sexual interest is often low or even 100% gone and the ability to enjoy life dissapears. Lower energy or increased tiredness - everything becomes difficult and heavy. Daily life tasks that before went easy requires now a lot of effort and takes longer time. One has to force ones self out of the bed and it appears everything goes against one. The body feels heavy and dead and the mentality is horrible. One becomes often more easily tired and one wants to give up.

Other symptoms are:
* Loss of confidence in ones self - one feels that one no longer is of any good, even in tasks one knows in and out. The feeling of beeng an honoured and liked person can go away.

* Unreasonable guiltiness, one blames ones self for different things that one has no reason to do, many times persons suffering from depression stays in the past and the thoughts are mostly about the past.

* Compulsive thoughts about death and suicide - are usual for persons suffering from depressive disorder. Because one feels valueless and thinks one has done so many wrong things, duying is believed by many suffering from depression will be a relief. "Everything will be better if I die", is a usual way to think for depressed persons and is something that is often been said to ones nearests. After a while such thoughts can lead to suicide plans. About 15 of 100 (15%) of those suffering from majour depressive disorder will end up taking their lifes. As we will discuss this forward we know today a lot of what type of depressed persons have highly risks of taking their lifes. Almost all that are saved from taking suicides are thankfull for it laterwards.

* Lack of ability to think, concentrate and decide - this is often a change that is easily noticed by the depressed and his/hers souroundings. It is difficult to concentrate for a long time, the person does for ex. not remember what was said in the meeting he just attended to, what he read in the news or TV. Many depressed persons can read a page of a book and not realize the context. The person suffering from depression have often problems deciding, making a decision, even though about small issues. Instead one thinks too much and can not complete the thought that leads one towards a decision.



* Lack of ability to move - changes in movements are sometimes present. Some persons with depression feels a strong anxiety so they are forced to get up and move. Others though have no energy and can not move and stay unmovable for hours.

* Sleeping problems - are usual and are of different sorts. Some have so big difficulties sleeping at night whilest others sleep easier making them wake up often. Waking up early in the morning with negative thoughts without beeng able to sleep again is usual for many persons suffering from depression. Others can sleep too much because they feel tired.