What is an anxiety disorder?

Anxiety disorder illness.

The latest years has given a lot of knowledge about anxiety disorders. The aim with this informative site is to give patients and families info on anxiety disorders and the possibility for treatment. The treatment is planned with ones doctor.

Anxiety is a disease found in many people in the world, some take this easier than others. Anxiety can be helped with medication but is recommended that one eats healthy food, fiber, water, nuts, less coffee and smoke and less beer and also moving ones body, either going out for a walk or running or doing exercizes.

Normal anxiety.
The feeling of anxiety is known to all humans, for ex. in a sudden danger situation or a worry of big problems. The word fear is used cause of anxiety of something that may happen. A typical anxiety experience of the person suffering from anxiety is that we know we are afraid and that the anxiety is unreasonable. Anxiety has both physical and psychological parts. We feel we are afraid and we sense the symptoms from the body like increased heartbit, swetting, breathing problems, muscle tentions and stomach pain.

Diseases/unexplainable anxiety.
In unreasonable anxieties one cant explain these questions: "What are you afraid of?". By unreasonable anxiety the reactions are stronger than what one should react as according to the situation one is in. This is normally called phobia.

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Panic anxiety.
In the later years doctors have become extra interested in a special anxiety disorder that is characterized by earlierattacks of severe panic anxiety, known as panic anxiety. Panic anxiety happens suddenly and in the beginningunexpected. Panic anxiety can thereby happenwithout the patient beeng able to do anything about it, in opposite of phobias where the patient tries to avoid situations that they define as risky. Within minutes the anxiety is experienced with great intensity. The most common symptoms are:
Breathing problems.
Strangling emotions.
Pains in the chest.
Stomach pain.
Dizziness and feeling of fainting.
Numbness in feet and hands.
Unreal view of ones own body and souroundings.
Anxiety to loose control.
Anxiety to become crazy.
Anxiety to die.


The disease starts first with the panic anxiety. It suddenly comes unexpected. Most remember the details of the first attack, even though it has been many years ago. Most get the attacks during day but some as well during night. They wake up suddenly with severe anxiety without having had bad dreams or nightmares. Some get panic anxiety of loosing control, turn crazy or die, this is a mild form for anxiety where they notice only the bodily symptoms. Such attacks without anxiety emotion can give the patient a belief that something is wrong with ones body.