What is an eating disorder?

Eating disorder illness.

There are many theories of why eating disorders develop. Some claim that is a diet plan that has come out of control, other believe it is a reaction of bad memories of ones childhood or not having developed the ability to deal with difficult emotions and situations. What we know for sure is that it developes from a reaction of individual birth born qualities and those persons and enviourment around is. Even if most persons affected by this disorder are between 12-23 eating disorder developes both at younger boys as with girls and elderly men and women.

Developing phases.
To develope an eating disorder takes sometimes long time whilest other times small. There are also variations of how severe the eating disorder is.

1.Phase: Symptoms are starting to develop, many experiment with diets and workouts to become healthier, thinner or achieve better achievments. Focusing the thoughts on food can distract them from other more difficult emotions and situations one can handle. As a result of this eating disorders developes. If the experiment bears fruits in form of weight loss, grater attention and increased achievements naturally many do not follow others advices on quitting.

2. Phase: Symptoms and denial. Often more and more time goes planning when one will eat, what one will eat or when to work out. Keeping the weight done is the most important thing of all. One experiences ones problems beeng only centered around food, weight and work out and denies to others having underlying psychological needs.


3.Phase: Loss of control and increase knowledge. The relation to food and weight becomes so much of a problem that it keeps one from living a normal life. One is only occupied of how much one eats and one feels a loss of control from food and life itself. After a while a strong desire of getting back control over ones life comes so that one seeks out for information about this disease known as eating disorder. In this fase it is important to that one comes in contact with ones doctor and other help teams. Right information at the right time can be what makes one realize the problem and increase ones chances of well beeng.

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Different types of eating disorders.
To get a diagnose one has to fulfill different criterias. What is written here is based on international diagnose criterias (DSM IV). Experience shows that sometimes it can be difficult to make a diagnose because many live in the boarderline between different types of eating disorders. One starts out for ex. with one type eating disorder for then later to move over to another. The problems must be taken anyhow serious.

Many have a periode where they "mess with the food", but this goes over after a while. In other cases where eating disorder maybe is because of a bad childhood and difficult experiences it might take longer time to get out of it. Ones own motivation for becoming healthy is a big factor. If one does not seek for help it can lead to the problems developing to a cronical condition, loss of work ability and life quality. Eating disorder can be a deadly disease. Every year more people die from eating disorder than meningitis.

Treatment is the same for all until weight is stable, the goal for the treatment is:
* Reestablish nutrition and balance to ones body and also normal food habits.
* Build a defence from social performance anxiety.
* Develope healthy alternatives on emotional problems.


Medical treatment:
As a general rule one can say that if one has one or more of the carecteristic symptoms of eating disorder one should see a doctor. In conversation with the doctor one has to give correct and deep informations as best as one can. The doctors main task is to eliminate that the problems are caused by other physical or mental diseases.